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The evolution of Wrekked began back in 1998. Rehersing in their basement, twin brothers Mat (drums) and Jon (Vocals) Langford, along with childhood friend Lenny Daniel began tooling their tunes for one reason; to play live. After recruiting guitarist Pablo Padilla in 1999, their songs became realized on the live stage. Playing all the usual locals in Toronto, the band wasted little time in amassing a small cult following. The band noticed that members of their audiences were exponentially sporting Wrekked merch; hats, sweaters and T-shirts were all popular sellers.

After playing the Toronto bar/club circuit for a few years, it became apearent that the band's only intent was to write songs that catered to their following, songs that made the small to medium-sized crowds go wild. The songs, however were lacking in depth and complexity, and this would soon become the root of a small squable amongst some band members. This squable became a matter of public knowledge when, in early 2002, Lenny and Pablo decided to leave the band following a performance.

This left Mat and Jon without a guitarist or a bassist. They spent quite a few months before finding Matt Dominici, a guitar player who's timing, energy and dedication to the cause matched that of the twins'. Soon after Matt D joined the band, Lenny re-joined, and a new Wrekked was born. They have been working on new songs ever since, rehersing, writing and recording demos at the Edadic Music Complex in Toronto. Spending more time in the studio than most people spend with their loved ones, the members of Wrekked have become more of a family than just a band. And with their renewed sense of direction and drive to create universal music comes a confidence that will not stagger.

Their as-of-yet untitled debut album is due out sometime in 2004, with plans of extensive touring to support it.